Dividend growth investing is the key!

dividend growth investing and early retirementDividend growth investing has been a revelation to me! Truly! My goal is to retire early from the rat race and dividend growth investing will be my dominant strategy. I want to be able to fully retire at 45 years old or before. It’s going to be a long journey… and there’s still 12 years to go! Long? Yeah! But fun and amazing? Sure! Follow me! We will retire early! We will retire rich!

These are the most recent posts about dividend growth investing, early retirement and my progress.

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Recent tutorials

dividend growth tutorialsInternet is all about sharing our knowledge and helping others. I don’t claim to be a professional… I’m not! I’m just a plain and ordinary guy pursuing a dream, the dream to be financially free as soon as possible. But, I’ve learned my share through reading books and blogs, with trials and errors. Yes… I have made a lot of errors and will probably make more. But that’s a good way to learn.

Here are recent tutorials that I have put together along the way. Most are about dividend growth investing, but you might also find tutorials about saving money, making money, getting rich, improving SEO skills and much more :

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Make money – Save Money – Financial help

i need money fastWhile not related to dividend growth investing, this section is dedicated to exploring others ways to make money fast or slowly, save money, get financial help, work at home opportunities and so much more.

My goal is not only to reach early retirement through dividend growth investing but also to free myself from the chains of a 9@5 job. My dream is in fact to be able to work from home or from anywhere in the world at any time from internet.

I’ll do everything I can to make this dream come true!

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    Best books about investing

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